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This is my first blog so hopefully it is interesting to someone :). I do not really know anything about multimodal composition but I am glad that our first assignment was to research it a little. I feel more knowledgeable about this class as a whole now. Looking for good scholarly articles was somewhat difficult though because it is somewhat of a new topic. However, I think I found three good articles which mention some issues with multimodal composition. All of the articles I found were from different colleges and one was written by a graduate student.

The first article I found was written by Christine Tulley from The University of Finland. The article mainly focuses on the basics of multimodal composition and what it is. She touches on how students are not able to critique different websites without knowing how to create them, citing Rea and White (1999). Knowing how to do something will not make you an expert, but you should know the basics. This counts especially for multimodal composition.

The second article I found was an interview with Christine L. Borgman, the author of Scholarship in the Digital Age: Information, Infrastructure, and the Internet. It was on the website Inside Higher Ed: Higher Education’s Source for News, Views, and Jobs. This article talks about how the world has changed due to advances in technology. A lot of prints are put online for easier access. Independent research is a lot easier too. Multimodal composition is necessary for today’s society.

The third article I found was written by an undergraduate student named Cameron Blevins on his blog. He was writing about what he thought of multimodal composition. Although this isn’t a very reliable source, I thought it was interesting to hear what other students around my age thought. He made a point that older professors may not like students using blogs and videos instead of old-fashioned papers. It would be a hard transition to make because technology is constantly changing. You also do better with things that you grow up with, which older professors would not have blogs and video-making tools when they were younger.

As I mentioned before, this is my first blog. I am not very technologically savvy either; I use my computer for Facebook and iCampus. I really hope this class changes that because I would like to be able to use what I learn here in my own classroom in the future.


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